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Community and Identity

As we sat in a recent Zoom call, each of us in turn spoke of the challenges of apathy in the fragmented times in which we find ourselves.  Why has this apparent apathy grown?

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Water Drop

Fundraising Is Not Our Goal

Fundraising is not our goal. Let me repeat that. Fundraising is not our goal. We have shared this repeatedly over the years and it continues to be true. Fundraising is, however, the single most powerful way you can support our congregation.

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Long Haul Heroes

The Long Haul Heroes of Community Building

In his recent book, Dedicated, author Pete Davis noted how those we most often admire carry, at their core, a set of unshakeable commitments or deep set of beliefs.  These long-haul heroes have simply kept at it for years or even decades in their quest for creating a kinder world.

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What is Our Work to Do?

As many of us do, I find myself going back often to books and writers I admire. At no time is this more true than when I’m pondering topics upon which I respect their opinions, thoughts, or feelings. I find, often, the questions they ask provide me with the mindset and mindframe to explore my own...

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A New Way Towards Faith

One of the truer parts of life seems to be that as we age, life becomes increasingly precious, a preciousness almost beyond words. With a smile, just look at baptisms. Parents, understandably, come to this sacrament with nap schedules and diaper changes largely front-and-center. And then there are...

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Entering This Week of Easter

This week is widely held as “Holy Week.”  As with all things holy, how do we enter it?

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Less Traveled but Just as Sweet

A beautiful note posted on one of our social media platforms read, “Those who are walking a very messy path, spiritual or otherwise, in the Word are the ones who the Lord makes intentional efforts to be near, to honor with his love and attention… Maybe messy nonexperts shed light on a path less...

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Rigid or Resilient

One of the hardest elements of the spiritual life to accept is the now-shifted concept of “success.”

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The Black Bumper Mennonites

Churches are often known by their “thing.” Jesuits are known for their work in educational circles. Franciscans for their work with the poor. And yes, there is a group of Mennonites known, in their quest for unadorned simplicity, as “black bumper Mennonites.”

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The Painful Topic of Suicide: A Prelude to Stay

There are few topics as challenging to address as suicide. Pain surrounds the issue, and words of comfort are hard to salvage amid these storms.

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Why Do People Go to Church?

Years ago, mainstream American culture moved away from being a church-going culture.  Though still true in parts of the country, the idea of consistent, Sunday church attendance as part of a dedicated weekly routine shifted dramatically. 

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At the Heart. On the Edge.

In a beautiful line of theology, Emanuel Swedenborg writes, “Fruit born of love bears the seed.”  That process is at the heart of our faith journey.   A place where we come to both love our neighbor, and have faith in our neighbor as well. 

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Small Steps as We Gather

I imagine we all feel a gentle easing as life appears to move towards more regular rhythms.   It is beautiful, for example, to witness the small steps as we start to gather in person.

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For Those Stuck in the Middle

Often in church, we hear a line of worry, a concern “du jour” as it were.  One heard a great deal are the deep concerns harbored over the debilitating divisiveness in our culture.

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Meaningful Life?