When Meaningful Meets Responsible

Last week a young woman from Texas reached out. This week, a young man from Oklahoma. Those are the people we know, joined no doubt by many others searching for community but not yet quite willing to raise their hand and say, “I am here.”


What are they looking for?  A few observations…


  1. They are searching for a kinder form of Christianity, a Christianity based around a loving God.  The New Church gives that.
  2. They are searching for community, for a group of people they can connect with beyond the normal small talk that encompasses most of our lives
  3. They want to serve


It is interesting.  There is this startling truth about lives – that the more meaning we cultivate, the more responsibility we take on for the world at large.   The call to serve grows side-by-side as the foundations of meaning become shored up in our lives.   That, in very secular language, is what many call, in the New Church, ‘the doctrine of use/ service.’


What is our responsibility into this new future?  I would urge us all to think deeply about “meaning”, not comfort.  Not convenience.  But “meaning.”  And feel how our hearts expand towards serving others as that meaning grows.  A beautiful thing!


“Meaningful” meets “Responsible” and both deepen.

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