A Profound Beginning

In 2022, many of us anxiously wonder what world we are stepping into over the next few weeks.  There is the joy of Christmas.  There is, as well, fear around new waves of Covid about to make their rounds.  It makes the times, for many, strange.


And within strangeness remains this reminder – that Christmas is a beginning, an “advent.” Imagine a moment to settle into a peaceful consideration of the profound beginning before us in light of that event.


It is a time obviously to connect with family and friends.  And a time to connect with the deeper angels of nature.  To begin again anew.


This new beginning, open before us this Christmas, is not about a novel thought or the end of all anxious concern. It is far more about bearing witness to a gentle unfolding – a depth and a joy anchored deeply in God’s tender care, guided by His providence, anchored in “Peace on earth.  Goodwill to humanity.”


There appears little doubt that we are entering a challenging cycle over the next few weeks.  And within our anxieties, may we find a profound beginning again this Christmas season.


“Arise, shine, for your light has come. … the brightness of your dawn.”  (Isaiah 60)


Send Us Your Pictures

We LOVE seeing pictures of YOU!  Please send us your family Christmas pictures OR have your children do a Christmas drawing and send it in!  We will be putting them all together and sharing in a slideshow!

Christmas Pictures

Thank you for your generosity!

On behalf of Inter-Faith Food Cupboard and Gemma Services we want to say a huge THANK YOU to this amazing and generous congregation!  You all showed up in such a meaningful way with your donations.  We dropped off 122lbs of food for Thanksgiving to The Inter-Faith Food Cupbaord and last Friday we dropped off a trunk load of toys for 2 families that we sponsored for the holidays!  You all are incredible and have really shown the community that!  If you are outside of the philly area and did any service work (or if you do any in the future) don’t forget to tag us on social media when you do #newchurchlivegives

Community Service

Volunteer on the Production Team

No experience required.  We will train you on whatever equipment you’ll be using.  We are in need of a handful of volunteers on the tech side of things.  Having enough volunteers to run the service every Sunday is essential!  We have a few very dedicated volunteers, but it would be wonderful to widen the pool of people willing to help out.  For more information email Production Director Marcus Cohen: marcus.cohen@newchurchlive.tv

Volunteering at St. Francis Inn

Do you live local to the Philly area?  Below are a list of dates to volunteer at St. Francis Inn.  They serve the homeless and addicted population located in Kensington.  If you wish to serve or to learn more info please contact Walt Long: wtlong18@gmail.com Or call 267-226-3724.

The next 3 dates are :
December 14. Need 6-7
December 21. Need 6-7
January 1 ( 11:00 AM – 1:15 PM ) – IN NEED OF 8 PEOPLE
Please PM here or text me at 267-226-3724.

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