The Black Bumper Mennonites

Churches are often known by their “thing.” Jesuits are known for their work in educational circles. Franciscans for their work with the poor. And yes, there is a group of Mennonites known, in their quest for unadorned simplicity, as “black bumper Mennonites.”

Twice I read this of Swedenborgians – that they were known, historically, for their view of an intensely loving God.

Something there.

There comes a time when love must lead. Where the generation of truth matures out of an open heart centered around goodwill and faith. Such truth is “arrived at.” That seems important … those two words … “arrived at.”

We need truths with which we start our journey. Learning the musical “scales” so to speak. And there comes a time for the music itself.

Both journeys are necessary, the scales and the music.

And if we lose track of love, we lose track of what, in the end, is actually true. The point learning the scales is eventually to let the scales go, giving rise to the music.

We can readily lose track of love as the point of the whole endeavor. We do that in politics. We do that repeatedly as we debate issues around LGBTQ rights/ acceptance. Crazy as this may sound, we even do that in sports (ask any Cowboys fan in Philly ☺).

If we are known for anything, let’s be known again as championing our Christian view of an intensely loving God. For the simple concept that “Love Wins.”

Two references were good. It could be more. It will be more.

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