Small Steps as We Gather

I imagine we all feel a gentle easing as life appears to move towards more regular rhythms.   It is beautiful, for example, to witness the small steps as we start to gather in person.

This past week – as is no doubt true from many reading this blog – I was able to visit in person with several friends whom I had not seen for 2 years.  The conversations were at moments deep, at other moments fun.  All were moments that reminded us of all we share.

Together, we are stepping into a new place.

What is the new world we are entering?  It will be a world where most of this congregation….

  1. Gathers predominantly online from all over the North America with some choosing to join our smaller in-person audience
  2. Takes part in services throughout the week, watching mostly archived material
  3. Joins in small groups, some of which are online, others hybrid, and still others in-person
  4. Serves both locally and at their home locales
  5. Centers all the above not around a physical Sunday space, but around our new homepage (

In this era, we need to keep asking and stepping towards the question, “How can we serve?”  What can we build here? What small steps can we take as we gather?

We are called by God “to act with conviction and therefore with love.”  The “conviction” is that building a spiritual home for people matters. It matters not just to them but to the whole endeavor of creating communities of care dedicated to the common good.

That is a big goal!  And we get there slowly, one small step at a time.

Thank you for being part of the journey.


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