Resting In Gratitude

An old adage reads well – we believe that a good life engenders gratitude yet, in reality, gratitude engenders a good life. “To be a saint [then] is to be filled with gratitude … nothing more and nothing less.” (Anne Voskamp)

The call there is one of depth. Gratitude, beyond the fleeting emotion, asks of us to reach for a deeper place and stretch towards a higher perspective. And in this paradox that I have absolutely no way to explain – find peace in that particular journey!

Maybe this Thanksgiving we can find our way there – to a place where we can rest in gratitude. Counting blessings has its place. Sharing what we remain grateful for – important. And in addition, in the reach and stretch, may we find rest in gratitude. Maybe we find rest in God there.

“Our heart is restless until it finds its rest in thee.” said Augustine. Quite true I believe.

So may you find both celebration and rest this Thanksgiving!
(Looking for a way to show gratitude this holiday season? See below for information on Christmas wish lists for 2 families we have adopted this Christmas)

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