Not Problems to be Solved.

There is an essential, anchoring goodness to God.  Despite our worries, our fears, our alleged assuredness that this time, we are indeed abandoned and alone, God’s faithfulness remains.


From Anne Lamott…


What does that mean?  It means we are not problems to be solved. 


We are stuck with our beautiful terrible finitude, our gossip and petty fights, self- hatred, and refusal to check our voicemail.  We get divorced, waste our time, and break our own hearts.  We are cobbled together by the softest material – laughter and pets, long talks with old friends, by God unscrupulous love and by communities who give us a place to belong. 


And there is nothing particularly glamorous about us except that we have moments when we are shockingly magnanimous before forgetting about it the next day. How lucky then that we are not failing. 


Our lives are not problems to be solved. We can have meaning and beauty and love but nothing even close to resolution. It is just both so infuriating and the root of all liberation.


Beautiful words to live by!

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