Dig Deep and Say More

Two communication plans….


Communication Plan #1 is to chime in.  To offer shallow opinions. To quickly vote thumbs up, thumbs down.   We all now possess - at our fingertips - unimaginably easy platforms structured for just those very tasks.


Communication Plan #2 is to think deeply. To write well. To read broadly. To listen well. To connect more viscerally around the better angels of our nature. To humbly act and in so doing serve with gentleness the world around us.


One is entertaining, with all its short-term distractions. The other is work, with all its gravitas and meaning.


Two “plans” with very different goals.


Seth Godin captured the polarities… 


The path of chiming in is safe and easy and carries little apparent risk and less reward. Choosing to dig deep and say more though is where both risk and reward live. 


And that is where we are asked to live - a place where we continue to dig deep and say more.

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