Community Support for Families Struggling with Addiction

There is little doubt that those of you reading this blog post today are impacted by addiction first-hand or are impacted by knowing friends or family who are in the midst of it.

What do we do in the face of our nation-wide struggle with addiction? What do we do when lives become, as one parent of an addicted son phrased it, “a relentless cycle of worry, hope and chaos” in which “no day can be ‘ordinary’”?

It would be a relief to know a simple program was available. And there are programs like 12 Step Groups and Celebrate Recovery. But they are not simple. And none offer 100% guarantees.

What are we to do then in supporting friends and families struggling with addiction? I believe the best we can do is connect. Addiction is a disease evidenced by a lot of disconnection – disconnection from God, from others, and from our best selves. So, the answers lie somewhere in there.

I have known people who found sobriety through formal sobriety programs. I know others who found it through the emotional support of a treasured friend. Some while incarcerated. Some through an acquaintance at work. Some at church.

What all those movements share is this … community support and connection.

Please consider joining us this coming Sunday for what promises to be a deeply moving service offering community support and connection for families suffering from addiction. Invite those you feel might be well served. We are thrilled to have Daryn White joining us to share his strength, hope, and experience as he found sobriety. He will join me as we look together at support for families struggling with addiction.

Community Support for Families Struggling with Addiction - 10/16/22

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