An End of Year Donation

We are incredibly grateful for the generous support of our congregation over the years.  What a joy it is to work with such amazing people trying our humble best to make a difference in the world.

Over the past calendar year we made many changes to better serve the new world we find ourselves entering.

  1. Hybrid Services: We started a daily devotional on Facebook live as well as a special online Sunday program for families.  These were in addition to our ongoing Sunday service.
  2. Small Groups: We continue to offer a variety of small groups for a variety of audiences, both in-person, online, and hybrid
  3. New Website: With the bulk of the congregation remaining (and growing) online, we retooled our website and logo to better translate into a new 24/7 church world.
  4. Service Events: From flowers for a woman’s shelter, to adopting homeless families for Christmas, and our twice monthly service at St. Francis Inn, our service programs remains a clear priority.
  5. Staffing: To better manage all these changes, we brought on Curtis Childs as our new, part time Executive Director.  With a proven track record of success at “Off the Left Eye”, Curtis has done a masterful job, steering the ship with the help of an amazing team into new waters.

What we are inviting you on is a journey, not a quick fix.  We are here to discover together ways to share the incredible gifts a church community offers to people in a new era.

We appreciate your financial support in that endeavor.  Please consider an end-of-year donation.

And… wishing you and yours a blessed 2022!

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