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Update II on the Issue of Women’s Ordination in this Denomination.

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

Moving forward, NewChurch LIVE will continue the following ….

  1. Open and humble dialog with the leadership of the General Church as a means of purposefully and clearly advocating for women’s ordination
  2. Inclusion of a wide variety of voices … female and male … in NewChurch LIVE Sunday services
  3. Offering evening vespers programs led by a wide variety of voices … female and male.
  4. Engaging a wide variety of empowered voices … female and male … in leadership positions
  5. Supporting those interested in ordination as best we can … female and male

Partnership is a truly blessed thing!  It will be our path forward … together.


Meeting with Theological School Students to Talk about Women’s Ordination

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

I LOVE teaching.  Always have.  So it is fun to get the opportunity to return to the classroom to share thoughts.  Today was just such a day as I spoke to Theological Students at the Bryn Athyn College about the reasons for opening up the clergy to women pastors.

For me, the heartbeat of New Church theology centers on this view of an intensely loving God.  God is love.  Love is the core and central part of our life.  From there, our life of faith is built out.  It is not necessarily a life of “faith as certainty” but more a life in which “Faith is the eye of love, since it is from love through faith that the Lord is seen.”  (Heavenly Secrets, 3863)

In a fascinating theological premise, one that is frankly revolutionary, Emanuel Swedenborg held that churches actually “fall” when they deviate from this self-sacrificing love that is to be their pivot.  “Every church in its beginning regards the good of life in the first place, and truths of doctrine in the second; but as the church declines, its begins to regards the truths of doctrine in the first place and the good of life in the second.”  (Heavenly Secrets 82)  Simply put, we stop asking “What would love do?” as we mistakenly come to believe that we know is actually the most important thing.

I believe there is little hope in effectively answering the question, “What would love do?”, without a full balance, reciprocity, connection that a male and female clergy would supply.   A new world can be born out of fuller forms of partnership!