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A Shooting in Washington

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of the violent shootings yesterday in Washington DC. 13 died in yet another spasm of senseless violence.

Where do we settle with that? How do we hold it? I think the first most prayerful place rests with all the victims. The second place is to battle the numbness such events, given what appears like their increasing frequency, can engender. I certainly hope we never with a shrug dismiss these mini-cataclysms as tragic but “normal.” And the third place, maybe a place with less flash but more commitment, is to continue to stand solidly against violence in all its forms.

Violence is the one of the greatest evils we face. It draws on control, on distortion, on self-seeking power. In short, it draws on evil.

God is clear. Loving God is “not doing violence to any soul … because every soul is in the hand of the Lord” (Divine Providence 94). There is our stand.