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Finding Our Voice

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

One of life’s greatest tasks and possibly greatest joy centers around the discovery of our voice. That voice is not the shrill notes sounded by fear and anxiety but the still notes sounded by a soul well grounded and reaching out with joy.

As Emanuel Swedenborg noted, it is “hidden deep … a kind of current” where our minds in turn ground themselves in the beloved activity that brings “peace and satisfaction.”  (TCR 735)  And that is where heaven comes visible to us.  “All who become angels carry their own heaven deep within themselves, because their love is the love that constitutes their heaven.” (TCR 739)  That ever so unique love, lived out, is heaven and becomes heaven forever.

But the question remains, how to find that voice?  One author pointed to the following questions as pointing us towards our voice.

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you do?
  3. Who do you do it for?
  4. What is it that people need/ want?
  5. How are they transformed as a result?

And while the questions are interesting, the most fascinating point he made I believe was the meta-narrative overlaying these questions.  The meta-narrative …. 3 of the 5 questions are about others.

The voice we discover may be odd.  It may be happy or joyously defiant.  But it will be ours.  And provided it looks humbly inward for strength and outward to serve, it will be God-with-us.   A strange voice but unique.



Taking A Different Train

Friday, May 18th, 2012

The bads news ….

Cain slays Abel.  Within the first few chapters of the Bible, our penchant for violence is captured in the story of one brother slaying another.

From a New Church perspective, this murder captures a spiritual penchant as well, the penchant for “truth” divorced from love to kill.  The math is simple – divorce truth from a kind and loving heart, and it becomes a weapon and salvation becomes a matter of faith alone – only of the head, not of the head and heart.  Anger, hatred – the very bases of the homicidal urge – then grow.  It is why, as one pastor noted, “only love can be entrusted with the truth.”

… and the good news 

The good news is that we are placed within a life that calls us out of our heads into the exercise of faith.  Against a homicidal tendency a yearning for community and connection stands as a strong force.

Emanuel Swedenborg wrote of picturing heaven as picturing a choir – a community in miniature..

In a choir, people allow themselves “to be led mutually by each other, therefore each one individually and collectively by the Lord.  All the good people who come into the other life are brought into this harmony… distinctly and perfectly…..” (Secrets of Heaven 3352)  So in allowing ourselves to be led by others, by the whole – as occurs in a choir – we mirror God’s leadership.  Community is a form a leadership in much the same way a choir “surrenders” to the music.

So those are our choices.  And it is why inviting in a such a wide variety of voices to one’s life is critical – not only critical but incredibly fun!