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Monday, July 28th, 2014

We returned from vacation, well worn, well rested, ready.  Many thoughts …


The possibility to live without a lap top for a week is sweet

We tether oursleves to technology.  Much of it blessed.  Much of it obsessive and broken.  A tech “sabbath” opens a different space, a sweet reminder that most of my life, at age 49, I lived without constantly being “in touch.”  And being “out of touch” does not make one “out of touch.” It makes one rested.

There is no strategy to miniature golf

I am competitive.  My ego can’t let that one go … yet.   So yes we played miniature golf and yes I was sure I could strategize my way to victory.  Well I won – good for you ego – on a lucky hole-in-one on the 17th hole.  I promise … this was last time I will try to beat my kids at anything (until I start losing).

No sand castle can hold back the ocean

We built a sand castle.  It included pointed break waters.  Looked like an old painting of the sun, like the one in “Tangled” – spikes radiating out and all.  The boys built the spikes.  The girls built the castle.  The ocean won.


And with it all, with a week full, we reminded each other that God’s love is RIDICULOUS!   Deep, sweet, patient, present … all the things I am not.  But the ever gentle reminder of what could be.



Monday, July 30th, 2012

“Vacation” is rarely easy to come by.  Many of us are haunted by this gnawing need to “do”, to be in perpetual, frenetic motion.  We then constantly effort ourselves towards solutions.  It is the “can do” spirit of Americans run to an exhausting extreme.   Hardly fertile ground for spiritual life and connection. With vacation beginning this Friday, this topic on my mind.  How do we unplug?

I find a key for us is to relax into ways that settle, with our kids, into the natural patterns of life, the natural pace.  And for better or worse, that means eschewing technology, at least for bits in our life.   Mornings follow a similar routine in our household – (1) Wake Up, (2) Dog Out, (3) Computer On.  And right there is where the pattern needs to break and the break is point (3).

Vacation – same root as “vacate.”  We need to “vacate” at certain times in our life.  What we do often however is the opposite, cramming vacation full of entertainment and big ticket buzz.  Maybe a little more “vacate” this year!