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“I am so worried about the stock market.”

Friday, August 19th, 2011

I read the New York Times daily.  Over the past weeks, nearly every day is headlined with news of economic challenges.  The language accompanying these headlines often includes words like …

  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Risks
  • Lehman like collapse
  • Need to calm
  • Strain
  • Skittish

Those words don’t exactly bring peace.  And we clearly need to take a breath and get perspective.  Even today an article on the front page of the Time’s business section wrote of panic because a European bank had tapped into an emergency fund set up to ensure that the banks have a safety net in oder to avoid panic.  So even taking the steps to avoid a panic create more panic!  There is no end to that.  If the two polls of human motivation are truly fear and greed, we will go “broke.”  And we get to choose.  We can choose fear and greed or we can choose differently.

I shudder hearing the market made into a person, aka “We will see if the markets like (don’t like) the latest news” or “How will the market react?”  It as if we have bowed down and offered our destiny and our serenity to the “market.”

The market does serve very useful functions.  It creates wealth and capital, funds retirement plans etc….  However it is a man-made creation and as such is fallible.  Period.  It is not a person.  It is certainly not God.  It is not a relationship.  It is not love, or connection.  It is a man-made creation and as such is fallible.

Relationships filled with too much drama are toxic.  I wonder if our relationship with the stock market is the same – a relationship in which there is too much drama.   We can let the market do what the market does minus the drama – maybe that is our individual choice.  We can also focus on what is actually far more “real” – each other, God, and the need to connect, create, love, and serve.