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What is true power?

Friday, June 27th, 2014

I remember in my public school teaching days running across students in various locations.  It was always startling in a way to be seen outside of the high school’s “habitat.”  Odd no doubt for the student as well.  Seeing a teacher in civilian garb, one person noted, was as odd as seeing a dog walking on its hind legs.

Maybe part of it was being separated from the normal structures of power, or what I supposed to be “power.”

I think power though is far different now than the formal structures that sanctioned my ability to discipline students within the confines of the high school’s walls.  Power, simply put, is more subtle and more profound than the ability to give a student a detention.

Emanuel Swedenborg captured it in these words.  “Spiritual power is to desire the well–being of another, and to desire to give to another as far as possible what is within you.”

That is big.  That is universal.  That is humanity.

A friend on finishing up cooking at a Franciscan Homeless Shelter felt that power. “At the end of the dinner I thought WOW they will do this all again tomorrow and every single day…. 365 days a year. An amazing place!!!”  That is spiritual power worthy of celebration.