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First Quarter at NewChurch LIVE

Friday, October 19th, 2012

First Quarter Blurb

It was an exceptionally strong first quarter, growing Sunday attendance by 13% and online plays by 15%.  We are rapidly reaching a “breaking” point.  The breaking is NOT about crisis.  It is about clarity around several simple facts and the opportunity to move forward they present.

  1. We put together a pastor-centered model that served us well and grew us to this point.
  2. We are outgrowing that model.
  3. Time to begin working on a new small group/ Meta Church model.

The new model will serve us in three ways, (1) enabling us to better serve our mission, (2) to grow our local congregation, (3) and to reach financial self-sufficiency in the next two years.

We are getting started in earnest.  So what will the changes look like?  Some things will remain the same like the Sunday service, KidsLIVE etc…  What will change will be what happens after Sunday.  Specifically, we will be re-gearing our small group program.  This will take some work, some courage, and a lot of commitment. And it will be a fun!  In the end, we will have positioned ourselves to better connect and serve others.

These words of Richard Rohr get right to it:

All of Jesus’ guidance for ministry, his seeming “tips for the road,” are very concrete and interpersonal. They are all about putting people in touch with specific people, and especially with people’s pain. Person-to-person is the way the Gospel was originally communicated. Person-in-love-with-person, person-respecting-person, person-forgiving-person, person-touching-person, person-crying-with-person, person-hugging-person, person-hurting-person: that’s where the Divine Presence is so beautifully revealed. And from the concrete and personal it universalizes! What is true here and now is true everywhere and always.

I am confident this unfolding new direction will help us humbly cooperate with God in doing just that!

I am a Christian

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Last night was the first night of “Strength.” What struck me again was God’s grace so apparent. We worshiped, we sang (I am officially horrible!) and we shared community.

As we were wrapping up, I was talking with a dear friend and we both took a moment to listen to the chatter of lives being shared. That is the sound of a church being born.

I went to bed last night at peace. The thought struck me full force – I am a Christian – belief – still important and no longer central agenda. Christianity now far more about the community, about the breathtakingly tender moment of Jesus walking among us – showing and calling us to live WITH each other. Not NewChurch LIVE “staged” but New Church ALIVE.