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“I am and there is none beside me”

Friday, August 1st, 2014

“I am and there is none beside me” … a very human position, a very dangerous thought.

These words crafted a warning captured 1,000′s of years ago by the prophet Isaiah, a warning against human hubris and toxic individualism.  They speak directly to our often lived belief that the world revolves around us, solely and exclusively.

And, as a Pastor I know nothing sexy in speaking to self-sacrifice!  Read ages of Christian literature and one finds such warnings replete, open, and discussed.  Read today’s literature, and there is less than one might hope.  Simply phrased …. “Live Your Best Life Now” is only possible if we cease being jerks.  But my petty human concern? “Live MY Best Life Now” with no thought of “Our” or “We” or “Them” or “Other.”

Cravings to convictions.  We tend towards cravings.  God pulls towards convictions.  Our cravings rationalize themselves, create their own logic, pull our attentive energy away from the deeper and quieter musings of the spirit.  Convictions center us, silently and solidly, in an alternative world view.

And the difference between cravings and convictions?  Maybe hope.  Hope in cravings is only hope in a frenzied “more” that satisfies less.  Hope in convictions is a hope in the bright, grounded work of love.  Begin there.  End there.  A place where creation breaths.