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Some Comfort Along the Way

Friday, September 17th, 2010

In the book “Divine Providence”, Emanuel Swedenborg makes the following observation.  “We need to realize that God knows the kind of person we are and the kind person we want to be.”  A comforting thought.

God’s foreknowledge is far richer I believe than what we imagine.  He does know our path. He knows the choices we will make.  We of course have agency – we do the choosing.  However within that context, God knows the deepest of self identity.  Within the confines of His divine providence, He will place before us the opportunities to move towards what we truly want to become.

No doubt this process may never reach full fruition in this life.  That however does not mean that God will not plant the seeds along the way that we are open to nurture as we come more and more into our true selves, more and more into a life where the inner self and the outer self weave together in complimentary fashion.

Our job, in one sense, may come back to simply giving into the trust that there is a Knower holding us gently, seeking to move us more and more towards the blessedness of who we really are.

Self Image or Self and Image

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

I spent this week working with teenagers at a local summer camp.

Stories (and sermons) divide into three part – context, conflict, resolution. These young adults broke into groups and discussed what they saw as the essential conflict of adolescence. Restated, if adolescence was a “story”, what would the conflict be?

Interesting responses. The key appears to be self image. I love that phrase. It is the problem and the solution all in one.

The challenge is when we hold self image as one thing. The solution is breaking self and image, noticing that the two are actually different.

Richard Rohr’s words ring true – “God does not love us if we change, as we almost all think; but God loves us so that we can change.” This is the very nature of God’s unconditional love. From that place we can divide self from image in a healthy way, learning to spend a lot more time looking out the window at others vs. gazing in the mirror at ourselves.