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Getting Ready for …..

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Started working on this year’s Easter service.  We will be focusing on the Road to Emmaus.  What a beautiful story!  I won’t ruin it by outlining the plot but at its core it is about “Success” and “Failure” – our view vs. God’s.

God’s call appears to go well beyond what we can imagine it to be.  Our story about faith hems us in – both in good ways and bad.  And much of the Easter story is about those illusions being destroyed – the illusions of the disciples, to the skittish Roman Occupiers, to the sanctimonious Pharisees.   Is God an earthy King, concerned with GDP and American Exceptionalism?  Is He here to set people against one another in a class war?  Does He spend His time parsing out the legitimacy of particular forms of worship?   Actually God is far more free than any of those.

“Success” and “Failure” are often our own private and misguided way of framing our world.  Maybe Easter leaves us with the simple acknowledgement that even that illusion of an all too readily cleaved world, broken simply between “success” and “failure,” must die, our call being to “participate in the qualities of love and faith.”  God is THAT free – able to choose both “Success” and “Failure.”