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A four letter word with three letters … S I N

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

Oh goodness do I hate that word.  It immediately conjures up images … images of finger wagging, scolding, shame.

And maybe that is on me.  And not on that word.

Sin can be see in one of two ways.

  1. One way begins with judgment of other.  Then loops up to condemnation.  And eventually rests in damnation.
  2. The other begins with judgment of self.  That loops up into restoration.  And eventually rests in salvation.

I strongly suggest if the three letter word of “sin” is a four letter word to you, take a look at the possibility and promise of living the second perspective.  There is an honesty there, an accountability, a humility we all need.  And there is hope.

Sin in the end is a word for those things that break relationships … “The evil that is sinful is simply evil against our neighbor” (Emanuel Swedenborg).   Sin hurts.  It hurts us.  It hurts others.  God does not.   When we come to terms with sin, no matter how many letters we use to spell it, relationships are restored.