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The Need for Creeds

Monday, April 25th, 2011

A particularly enjoyable interview I heard once was on the “Need for Creeds.”  The author’s point was that creed’s provide a necessary container for human growth.  I imagine it being like the practicing scales in music.  We master the basics so that we can eventually improvise and create.  This article by David Brooks is in that same vein.

Creed or Chaos

It is patently easy to be dismissive of overly rigid, dogmatic theology.  And, frankly, those clergy who give themselves over to the pursuit of purity and perfection in the name of serving a rigid and dogmatic theology do a disservice to the life of faith – a clear warning given by Jesus in his dealings with the Pharisees.  Yet that does excuse the need for structure, form – for a degree of certitude by which to navigate.