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Every Angel Adds to the Perfection of Heaven

Saturday, December 8th, 2012

I love the New Church concept that every angel adds to the perfection of heaven. Yesterday, I quickly scanned through a spreadsheet outlining our sermons for the past calendar year.  We hosted 26 people who spoke as part of a NewChurch LIVE service.  This is a simple thanks to all those who spoke and to a congregation willing to take the necessary risks in having speakers.

It is easy in opening the door to speakers to unleash a race to mediocrity as the message of one’s church gets muddied, gets watered down.  It can become so overly identified with inclusion that all sense of purpose is lost. That has not been my experience.  As a matter of fact the opposite has been true.   It has been wonderful to witness inclusion with purpose.

That approach can continue to bear fruit as we focus more and more on the very nature of commitment.  That commitment is God centered, embracing of blessed unrest, asks us not just to give our approval but more importantly our time, treasure, and talent.  It is real commitment we are called to.

What could commitment look like for us?  (A sermon topic in 2013)

  1. Community Service
  2. Baptism
  3. Prayer
  4. Devotional Reading
  5. Volunteering on Sundays
  6. Life Group/ Small Group
  7. Tithing
And yes …. maybe even sharing part of your story at NewChurch LIVE sometime!

God doesn’t always use rules to get God’s plans accomplished.

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

God is more than rules.  Rules are helpful, functioning as guard rails as it were.  And God uses more than just guard rails to move us forward our journey Home.

He uses people.  That has been an epiphany of sorts for me, one coming clearer and clearer as an increasingly percentage of work here at NCL is done by others. Our ideas, many of which come from others, are rarely the sole possession of the Pastor.  Starting with Shada, an amazing volunteer, and filtering down’/ out/ around – that is how we build stuff.  Glenn with systems.  Dean with Marketing.  Jessica with Stewardship. Ruth with Leadership – the list goes on and on creating a self perpetuating momentum that is palpable when the Pastor no longer is the “choke point,”  limiting the congregation to just a few paltry “puffs” of work.

It is odd sometimes to observe because when I watch, at times, I realize I am NOT needed, and even may slow the work down!  And laity driven vs. pastor driven teams are how NewChurch LIVE will grow in service.  That is in God’s plan.  If we are to truly “step to plate” it will take team driven, volunteer centered, and impassioned engagement of all us bringing our gifts to the table. Like heaven, the more people the greater the perfection.


Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

In October we are doing a series called “Toxic.” It focuses on handling the “Hazardous Materials” in our heads – thoughts and concepts that actually get in the way of connecting with God and with others.

Examples so far include being told “Don’t have too much hope.” Other examples were around overly idealistic views of life that left no room for making mistakes.

What would it be for you?