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Nagging Prayer

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

A powerful parable in the New Testament reads of a widow pleading before a judge for justice.  As a non-person – the plight of widows at the that time – her appeals met with repeated rejection.  But she persevered, nagging and nagging for justice until the judge relents.  Jesus uses this story to burrow towards a profound question, “When the Son of Humanity comes, will he find faith?”  Will God find faith?  The obvious connotation is that those who “nag” for justice actually are those among whom God finds faith.

And that is not to say that the nagging is the shrill, cynical skeptic for whom nothing ever suffices.  Quite the opposite.  The “nag” are the people of hope.  They are those who passionately believe that the world can be better and that buried deep in all our souls lies an embedded desire to be “called out” towards these acts of Justice.  Such people are part of God’s justice, forgiveness, and homecoming.  Such people may appear as “nags” about conspicuous consumption, the environment, the death penalty, but we need to hear in that nagging, regardless of our individual positions, a song of hope for the world.   Read Wendell Barry or Mary Oliver if you want to “nagged” in the poetic spirit of hope!