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Mistakes are the Portals to Discovery

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

James Joyce penned these words. They are the words of mature faith.

Immature faith, from a New Church perspective, is faith focused on theological/ intellectual constructs divorced from loving service – charity as it were. As such, this type of faith is highly judgmental even though shallowly pious. Individuals then only notice the errors of others. “They want to examine and in fact judge everyone and crave nothing more than to find evil.” (Heavenly Secrets 1079)

Mature faith is guided by kindness. Spiritually mature people “hardly notice any evil in another but pay attention instead to everything good and true in others. When they find anything bad of false, they put a good interpretation on it. This is a characteristic of all angels.”

What does that in turn allow for? It allows for mistakes to become the portals to discovery.