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Our desire for acceptance may render us invisible

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

Jim Carrie shared this remark in a recent valedictory speech.  Rings true.

How does that work?  How does our desire for acceptance render us invisible?

Start with this idea from the 12 Step tradition … addicts are ego maniacs with an inferiority complex.   Most of us I believe harbor an addict’s soul somewhere in our lives.  Most of us, at least part of the time, live there, in an ego driven place both of superficial puffery and deep self loathing. We feverishly desire to both stand out and fit in. Or at least the ego does.   So we press ourselves into roles and persona’s that effectively render us, in terms of our souls,  invisible.  In trying to be all things we end up no-thing.

Our true selves however show us something far different.  They light a way, they sound a call to a settled place beyond standing out or fitting in.  It is a place of service, a place of love, a place of connection, a place of a blessed self forgetfulness, where questions of status or rank remain mute.  In the Epistle of James one striking line reads that we must judge by “The law which gives freedom.”  (James 2:12)   What is that law?  How does it fit?  What does it mean to judge things in such a way that we both discover and allow for such sweet freedom?

And there I have no clear, simple, communicable answer.  But I know God does.