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I Think We Are All Insane Sometimes

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

In this particular faith, we regard evil as frankly, insane.  And we can glorify in the very insanity, finding great satisfaction in what Emanuel Swedenborg phrased as the “insanities of evil.”

Paul, in writing the book  of Romans shortly after Christ’s death pointed to the same dynamic. “For what I want to do, I do not do.  And what I hate to do, I do.”  (Romans 7:15)  I get it!

Sunday afternoon filled with numerous meetings, appointments etc…. As 5:00 neared and the final meeting ended, I looked forward to joining the service team cooking at The Opportunity House in Reading.  And then I made the fateful decision to check email one last time.

What I found were a few “dings” out on a clergy list serve targeting some the positions taken by myself and as a result NewChurch LIVE.  Though unfortunate, criticisms as such are nothing new or different but simply part of the terrain in trying new ways of doing church while at the same time hoping to maintain a tight tie to the core of this wonderful theology.

So I did the logical thing.  I sat in my office, alone, for 20 minutes, stewing over the injustice of it all.  What I failed to do was get in the car and join in serving the homeless.  Simply put, I chose to stay in the crap of my own head …. resentments, judgements and all.  I chose the insanity of evil.  Is there anything more ridiculously insane than that kind of choice?  Freedom asks, “Resent or service sir”  My response … “Thank for the options.  I choose resentment thank you.”  I become 2.

I dont’ wear the above heavily but with a smile because that IS what I do.  And it is why God is patient and loving and kind and forever opens the option of doing it differently next time.