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Sometimes, we need to take a deep breath and decide to do it again, better

Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

The numbers at NewChurch LIVE over the past 8 years….

These numbers are tremendously good.  They demonstrate growth.  A congregation willing to reach out.  The average church in the US draws 75 Sunday worshippers, a number we are well above.

And with those successes, we need to find ways to increase growth.  There is both a practical/ budgetary aspect to growth as well as an overwhelming call to our mission and that combination means finding ways to serve more people in the year ahead.

To accelerate growth…

  1. Summer: We are scaling back certain aspects of our Sunday services in order to free up more resources for connection with new parishioners.  That is part and parcel of the “Coffee Shop” approach.   Much of that scaling back on Sundays will continue into the school year.  Again the hope is to place more resources on connection versus the Sunday service.
  2. Calendaring: We are working hard to integrate our calendar more so that all the many things we offer are better organized
  3. Attendance: Our stress will be on in person attendance, holding that as the primary driver of growth in all the arenas we serve.  Our hope is to increase our in-person adult attendance at MPAC to 200.
  4. Volunteering: We will be stressing volunteering this fall.  We are BLESSED in this regard with a congregation that consistently steps up!
My personal goal is to increase our growth rate from 4.4% to 20%.
For some, growth is understandably a concern.  A myopic focus on growth can distract from our mission of service.  We certainly are going to work hard to balance the practical need for growth with the mission of NCL.
Sometimes, we need to take a deep breath and decide to do it again, better.

Fear and Growth

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Funny how fear and growth so closely align. I often feel pulled by two worlds as we go about growing NewChurch LIVE.

World One is a world of deep joy. I hear often from people who have joined us on this journey as they talk about what has come alive for them. As Father Gregory Boyle said, it is the opportunity to be an enlightened witness – enlightened by their light as it flicks “on.”

World Two has a lot of fear. Can we grow fast enough? Are we serving effectively enough? Am I consistently being God centered enough?

The reality of life, as one peer said, is navigating the straight and narrow between those elements of lightness and dark.

There is much to be thankful for. There is much work to do, much to push through. Somewhere in the middle is that enlivened peace.