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Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

Our goal in life is critical.  New Church theology phrases it this way, “God regards nothing in us but our goal … no matter our thoughts our deeds … as long as the PURPOSE is good, these things are all good.  Whatever we aim at is our actual life.”  (Heavenly Secrets #1317)

These “goals” are born of the hearts intention not the head’s invention, making it important and freeing to know that our work is to settle our intention on loving others.  That is enough work for this life and will make everything interesting!  Don’t be surprised as those goals unfold and grow in often times joyously disruptive ways. As Richard Rohr notes….

“The second half of the spiritual life, you are not making choices as much as you are being guided, taught, and led—which leads to “choiceless choices”: these are the things you cannot not do because of what you have become; things you do not need to do because they are just not yours to do; and things you absolutely must do because they are your destiny and your deepest desire. Your driving motives are no longer money, success, or the approval of others. You have found your sacred dance.

Now your only specialness is in being absolutely ordinary and even “choiceless,” beyond the strong opinions, needs, preferences, and demands of your first half of life. You do not need your “visions” anymore; you are happily participating in God’s vision for you. . . . Our dreams of our early years have morphed into Someone Else’s dream for us.”