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Christianity was not born a religion but a collection of hearts on fire. (Robin Meyers)

Friday, August 17th, 2012

I am often embarrassed.  Embarrassed frankly to share what I think God is really asking of us.  And so I am working, with halting steps, at no longer being embarrassed at speaking with an unbiased voice.  So what is it that continually needs to be said, that might in fact be embarrassing?  So here it is in the form of questions ….

Are we ready to move from worshiping Christ and all the edifices that prop that worship up, to following Christ and taking on all the disruptive discomfort that entails?  Are we ready to move forward without the well versed and well defended certainties of fundamentalist dogma but with the joyful, holy foolishness of hearts on fire tied together not with a forced uniformity of superficial belief but with a deeply shared spirit of loving service?

“God is present with us the moment we start to love the neighbor.”  (Emmanuel Swedenborg)

What does a church like that look like?  I hope you are smiling when you start to picture it (as well as a little scared)!

It puts us all on the hook.  ”I am spiritual but not religious.”  I am embarrassed to say that, nope, doesn’t matter. You are on the hook.  ”We go to Church every Sunday”  or “We never go to Church.”  I am embarrassed to say that, nope, doesn’t matter. You are on the hook. “Religion really hurt me.”  I am embarrassed to say that, nope, doesn’t matter. You are on the hook. (and I am sorry that religion hurt you) “I am part of NewChurch LIVE”  I am embarrassed to say that, nope, doesn’t matter. You are especially on the hook!  Christ insists that everyone he met do something and change.  Now that is embarrassing.


Here it is folks, a combination of thoughts from several authors: The purpose of church is to undo our lives.  It is to create in those present the feeling that the more that one trusts in the basic equation that to lose one’s life (read ego) is to gain one’s life, the more obligated we feel to let go of the mirage of self- sufficiency.  Me, Myself and I is the unholy trinity.  Looking out for number one is the anti-gospel. Enough is not enough will ultimately be enough to do us all in.   War and violence, with rare, rare exception is sin.  Homosexuality, unaddressed by Christ, is not the litmus test of “Christianity.”  First and second marriages are beautiful.   Tithing (giving 10% of the one’s income to support the church’s program) is a way of ensuring that we acknowledge that none of this can be had “on the cheap” and that changing our wallets changes our hearts.   Women can preach – well.  Please do SOMETHING – find a need in the church or outside of it and fill it.  If you are here to observe, that is ok, for awhile.  If you want to serve, welcome aboard.  If a pastor doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable and doesn’t get you questioning some of your allegiances, find a pastor that does.

Here we go!