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A Life of Giving and the Stories We Don’t Hear

Sunday, November 9th, 2014

Read “Doing Good in Harm’s Way.”  It covers simple testimony … the testimony, the living witness of those medical professionals who travel to Africa to fight Ebola.  And look at the groups they represent.

Most of those groups … Christian.  Not a big deal about it.  Not that that foundation makes them better than other groups like “Doctor’s Without Borders” who do AMAZING work.

But it does speak to witness.  It does speak to people willing to live quietly and courageously the higher purpose of Christ.

We wrestle with even that idea … the word “Christian” largely toxic.  The non-profit featured in the article, “SIM”, described generically in the article as “Serving In Mission.”  One would not know they were Christian unless one clicked their homepage.   Same with “Samaritans Purse.”  Same with “The Healy Foundation.”  The word “Christian” … mentioned once in the article.

Christianity is not the point.  Service to those in need is.  Words from Dr. Rick Sacra of SIM, about why he traveled to Africa, a place where he eventually contracted Ebola….

 ”If I can do something about that, I feel that’s my God-given responsibility to take care of my neighbor.”

This world is better for those like Dr. Sacra who take their Christian faith beyond faith-as- belief and exercise it into faith-as-life.  I wish we could say that more.

Ebola and When Fear Reigns

Friday, October 24th, 2014

The recent news that a New York City Doctor, Craig Spencer, tested positive for Ebola will no doubt create another spasm of fear in the US.  Understandable.  The frightening ability of this disease to spread, even to highly trained  medical professionals who no doubt take every precaution, terrifies.

And we live in an even more dangerous world when a contagion of fear reigns.

Yesterday read of another tragedy … over 3,000 Palestinians have died in recent months attempting to flee by boat to Europe in hopes of starting a new life.   Buried deep in the paper … who knew?

That does not make Americans bad or wrong either for not paying attention to the plight of refugees or paying too much attention to understandable fears around Ebola.  But.  But our fears can blind us to the plight of others. We will experience cases of Ebola.  We will not experience what many anticipate is soon coming in Africa … thousands of cases a week.

I admire Dr. Spencer.  I admire he traveled to Africa.  I admire he followed a dangerous call to help.  That is the bigger story to me.  A man driven not by fear but by compassion, joining unknown others doing the same.