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How do people know if you are Christian?

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

How do people know if you are a Christian?  Most of us, who count ourselves Christian, immediately reply, “Because I believe that …”  We complete the sentence with our particular spin on Christian dogma.

In so answering we miss Christ’s essential message.  Christianity, as Christ lived it, clearly held to certain theological perspectives but He never defined His ministry that way.  He defined His ministry with ortho-praxis (right action) vs. ortho-doxy (right thought).

Sadly, even within New Church Christianity we define ourselves more often by our doctrinal perspectives than by our impact on the world.  Imagine if we were every bit as much moved by the unfolding disaster in flood ravaged Pakistan as we are about internal concern around forms of ecclesiastical governance.  Even if all the governance issues were “solved” would we be then living a truly exemplary Christian life?  Doubtful.

We often I fear confuse ends and means.  Why did God give us doctrine?  To allow us clarity of thought.  What is clarity of thought?  Clarity of thought is the bringing of consequential faith to the world in ways that heal, not divide.

We can do better.  The world groans for answers, the world groans to touch the face of God.  If what Christians offer is a highly politicized view of faith, we simply have missed the boat.  Who wants to be part of that?  What part of us enjoys that form of drama?  How does that grow the consequential faith that Jesus calls us to?  How is that the second coming in our hearts and minds?  Drama may be entertaining.  It is consequential – just not the consequential we might want or that God calls us to.

How do people know if you are Christian?  They know it by how you live – which is good news and bad.