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Thoughts on Disney

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Leaving in the sun of Florida and arriving to the snow of Southeastern Pennsylvania, we returned recently from Disney.  Made possible by several years of planning and saving, this was THE trip … one our family long anticipated.  What a place to be.  Walking around the parks I imagined what if church were like this?  Would that be good, would that be bad?

The good, so apparent, was the simple fact that we were together.  In this hectic life, we cross paths intermittently.   I work long Sunday hours.  My wife works Saturdays.  Kids are in and out, sports, and friends and dances, and “I will back at 10:00.”  Connections usually tenuous, hurried, and on the way to something else. Five days … together … a miracle of sorts.

There is no doubt  Disney does Disney well.  Clean, bright, chipper.  Name tags with hometowns.  How can I help you?  Nemo, Pirates, Little Mermaid.  Asking anyone anything and getting an answer.

A dark side?

As in all things, yes.

At the end of popular rides … a gift shop whose foyer projected a picture display of frightened riders … your face posted to bring a smile and I imagine to slow you down enough to buy something.  And just outside kiosks with bottled water for $2.89.  And after seeing and hearing, impressively, about new ways to grow vegetables in the “Planet Earth” (I think) boat tour, eating food with plastic silverware.  6 of us.  3 meals a day.  For 5 days.  6x3x5=324  forks…spoons…knives …. plates … bottles/ cups all now secured safely from further use in a landfill.

And the end of one day, returning in a bus of white upper middle class “guests.”  And seeing 3 golf carts of hotel cleaning staff, “cast”, with nearly no white faces being ferried to their cars in the parking lot.

Now none I am sure is done intentionally. There is, I think, little ill will in any of the above.  It is an “is.” But it leaves one wanting to take a shower.  And realize the things we are so desperately in need of…

5 good days with most precious family

A sense of sacrifice.

A willingness to embrace inconvenience.

And maybe a caution that I hope church never becomes too much like Disney.