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Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Who doesn’t love a “Cronut” … a mix of croissant and donut?  And why didn’t anyone think of it before?

I believe God firmly centers in creativity.  Art from DeVinci to Beethoven, up until just a few centuries ago, echoed that basic orientation.  Now “art” and “religion” rarely share the same sentence.  And that is our loss.

Art and creativity are not necessarily always about a radical remaking of reality.  They are I would argue more about taking the simple, known parts of the world … i.e. a croissant and donut … and then in turn re-imaging how they fit.

Churches are called on to the same … take the mundane and reconfigure it in life giving ways.  That is the genius of Christ’s sermons, filled as they are with simple references to sheep, lilies, seeds all now bowing to the instructive force of God’s broader world – a life giving reconfiguration.

Where churches and individuals get stuck at times is around what psychologist Daniel Kahneman phrased “a focusing illusion.”  These illusions are not from ill intent.  However they hobble us in unforeseen ways.  As the author describes it…

The focusing illusion [is] an automatic psychological move that substitutes an easier question for a more difficult one when the difficult question has no immediate or obvious answer.

What are those “easier questions” we are tempted to substitute for the harder ones?  Some possible examples… “How do we bring in new people in?” (versus “How do we reach out and serve?”)  ”Have you noticed how much better we are doing than that other church?”  (versus, “How do we align ourselves better with what God is calling us to do?”)  “When will you start a program to ______?”  (versus “How I do create a team to move this project forward?)

When we start asking the harder questions, we actually find ourselves more creative, more aligned, more empowered, and less fearful!  Welcome Cronuts.