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Control Freak

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

We often flail about, experimenting with fulfillment found through one of three “Programs for Happiness.”

  1. Control
  2. Approval
  3. Security/ Safety
Such a desperate search, despite moments of respite, fails, and often fails with a dramatic unsettling.  But like addicts, we return to the failed programs, believing in that failed mythology that “this time” … “with just a little more” … “done just a little longer” … we will finally claim the control, approval, and security justly ours.
But, it doesn’t happen.
Something can open.  (Welcome to Spring!)  Takes work.  ”The hardest battle of all is with our love of being in control because of our sense of self-importance.  If we overcome this, we have no trouble overcoming our other evil loves, because that is the head of them all.”  (Heavenly Secrets 147)
Such work leads to a program for happiness evidenced not by a flailing but a by a peaceful settling …. God.  A loving God, guarding our freedom.  A loving God unable to look at us in any way but the way of love.  A loving God offering a security within his arms far different and richer than the world ever could.

Weaning Us From the Worry at the Center of Our Heart

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

Worry inhabits most hearts.  And God’s loving endeavor is to wean us away from dangerous dependencies towards the state of peace that is heaven.   As one author noted, “All of the stories of healing and transformation, awareness and enlightenment that we find in the Bible come to people moving beyond the usual definitions of power (i.e., false power, temporary power, dominative power, cultural power) to discover their deeper soul and their true spiritual power.”

To do that takes a willingness to give up control.  The desire to control others is distinctly human.  The only viable exercise of “control”, if that is even the right word, must grow, New Church theology cautions us, from “love and mercy.’  (Secrets of Heaven 1755)

I am not exactly sure how to connect “fear” with “control” in a way that is erudite.  But doesn’t it just strike you that somehow if we allow God to pry from our hands the crazed need to control others and things that somehow fear would leave, would leave along with the white knuckled wrestling as God helps us to find our right sized soul?