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What did Bach write on the bottom of all 10,000 plus pages of music he composed?

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Bach wrote simply – S.D.G. – “To God alone the glory.”

Pastor Greg Boyd, called the glory of God God’s shininess.  I love that definition – “glory” as “shininess.”  The “shininess” is the brightness of an encompassing love, a light in which we live.  Living in that light is not living in the spotlight so to speak – center stage, all eyes on us, as we “perform” to the wild acclaim of those gathered.  It is a brighter light and more defuse light than that, a light that allows us to see everyone, to really see.  The only way into that light is humility.  The only way into that humility is repeated failure and repeated success as we graph what accountability looks and feels like.


I know this sounds odd, but what pushed me to write on this particular topic was a recent article on gas prices.  The gist of that article focused on a recent survey that stated “Sixty-eight percent (Of Americans) disapprove and 24 percent approve of how Obama is responding to price increases that have become one of the biggest issues in the 2012 presidential campaign.”

NewChurch LIVE is NOT a political church.  We will never weigh in formally on a Presidential campaign in terms of an “approved” candidate.  What struck me however was what this headline says about our culture, not our candidates.  Our culture often appears, despite the rhetoric, unable to often grasp much in the way of accountability.  Even higher gas prices become part of a conspiracy.  I often wonder, is this penchant for conspiracy theory from a lack of humility?

Those who struggle with humility tend to take all the credit at the top, and none of the blame of the bottom.   That creates rather tempestuous souls, prone to wild swings of euphoria and despair.  Add in a political environment and a media often more interested in following those swings than leading, and the result is frankly toxic.   How do we create a new consciousness, a new perspective?

Bach is a good starting point.  We all have “music” – giftedness from God which we alone can offer.  But in that offering, we must remain clear – the gift is part of God’s “shininess” – a gift!  And as for taking some control of Gas Prices ….