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Joy Beyond Understanding

Friday, August 20th, 2010

The goal of faith, in a certain sense, is joy, hence the Gospel or “Good News.”  Good news does bring us joy.  That bringing of joy however occurs in a different way then we might expect.

When we sit with those in pain, we occupy a sacred place.  Part of that sacredness in my experience has been that in that silent place lies seeds of joy.

As one author noted, we live straddling the line of detachment and attachment.  Christianity is about attachment.  From a New Church perspective that means connecting with God by connecting down to the even mundane tasks before us.  In a sense then everything becomes sacramental.  Talk about attachment!  That being said, there must be a balance – living by one truth at the expense of more sophisticated, mature, rounded view is dangerous stuff.  Detachment brings about balance, allowing for a more rounded view to evolve.  How could we ever make a stand in our life without in a sense learning both the mystery of attachment and the mystery of detachment?

Sitting with those in pain demands that attachment and detachment.  The pulling in and the pushing out – the breath – all part of the dance.  Anger is met with remorse.  Saddness met with joy.  Despair with grace.

That is why joy is beyond understanding.  It is the richness of depth – of joy – that evolves from those who have walked that path.  Their joy is thick and tempered, buried in a deep loam rich with the smell of earth.