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Servant Mode

Thursday, October 9th, 2014

We are all ambassadors.  Not employees.  Not customers.  Ambassadors.  Those gifted with the task of interaction, connection.  Relying on the face to face.  Carrying a message.  Living in an empowered place.  Living within a culture deeply.

As ambassadors, welcome to servant mode.  As defined by Seth Godin servant mode is “delighting and connecting customers [others], exceeding expectations and performing what seems like miracles.”

What does it look like to “delight and connect” others in church environs?  What does it look like to “exceed expectations“?  What does it look like to perform “what seems like miracles“?

It looks like thriving.  It looks like a church of radical hospitality.  It looks like contagious generosity.  It looks like a generative simplicity.  It looks like joyous disruption.  And it feels like home.