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Ten Wishes for 2014

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

Wishes for 2014 …

  1. Reminders that the Christian life settles on loving, caring, and doing
  2. Presence to both the unanticipated joys and unwanted sorrows that await 2014
  3. Wisdom to humbly discern the need to move away from “fixing” and “helping” and instead move towards “serving.”
  4. Interruptions that call us out of self and towards others
  5. Balance between work, family, and the quiet spaces
  6. Perspective to keep the storms that surround us in their right place, neither nothing nor everything
  7. Faith that centers on where we always know God to be … “a love that stretches towards the future”
  8. Discipline towards the hard work into those areas where self sacrifice, self discipline are needed
  9. Joy abounding around the gracious opportunities God has placed before us in the New Year
  10. Generosity, simplicity, connection, service

And of course another Super Bowl for the Steelers would be beautiful too!

Blessings my dear friends on 2014.