Thought for 2019: Learning to Give in New Ways

As 2018 draws to a close today, our thoughts inevitably turn to the year ahead.  And maybe we can hold, on this promising threshold, the beautifully disruptive challenge to learn to give in new ways in 2019.

For context: I struggle, as many people do, with the pressing question of “Am I doing enough?”  Most days, the answer is “no.”  We offer that answer of “no” and people tend to reply back with a loving but I believe ultimately misguided answer “Of course you are!”

That answer “Of course you are!”, though comforting and at times necessary, is not how the world gets better.  Not how we find or offer healing.  Not how we find each other again and again.

The answer of “No, I can do more” if held without guilt, or worry, but instead tenderly held with a smile around the knowing promise that we are presented in nearly every moment the blessed opportunity to choose love and connection, is actually a life giving answer,  focusing, opening us to the moment and away from the score card and the agenda of both misplaced and at times over emphasized self-care.

How do I give more in new ways IN THIS MOMENT?  Now there is a question!

That is not a frenetic, draining search.  It is, in a fascinating twist, a question of faith.  Can we have faith, in the year ahead, that God will place us in the worlds he intends us to heal?  When there, can we have the faith to live fully and completely, giving of ourselves?  Can we have faith in the gifts God will ALWAYS allow to flow, both directions?   Can we have faith, to learn new ways to give?

We can!  And every time we do, the light grows a bit brighter…



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