Letting the Gifts Flow….

A few days ago, weariness stuck hard.  So many beautiful things over this Christmas Season.  And so much heartache and challenge as well.  The weariness there hits my soul.

And somehow that seems totally appropriate for the Christmas season.  So easy to think of the season as an easy rendition, repeated annually, of “Twas the Night Before Christmas”  but that is not where the biblical story actually starts.  The biblical story starts in far more challenging times than a warm house with children, asleep, awaiting Santa Clause.  It starts with a combination of a hoped-for promise, darkness, and waiting.

The waiting.  There is always this part of the spiritual journey.  This waiting.

The waiting reminds us that this journey with God is a long journey,  A beautiful journey.  And a journey that includes all the twists and turns of life, all the bumps and bruises.

And what then of our roles in waiting?  I think what we can do, simply, is to continue to work on being the gift as best we can.  Can we reach out in our weariness to another?  Can we reach out in our joy to another?  Can we reach?

After all, everyone except for King Herod is on the move at Christmas.  Wisemen, shepherds, Mary, Joseph … all on the move.

So this Christmas, keep moving.  Let Christ be born again in your heart. Let the gifts flow.  Let those gifts, in ways obviously imperfect yet forever blessed, move through you to others.

And have a Merry Christmas!!!!

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