In Our Several Exhaustions We Are Invited to Rethink

Rev. Walter Breuggeman can turn a phrase, writing recently that,  ”in our several exhaustions we are invited to rethink.”

Many of us struggle with and struggle through several exhaustions

  1. Relationships that feel strained and heavy
  2. Financial worries for our own households and the households of those we love
  3. Worries around college funding, retirement … an ever growing list of needs
  4. Efforts to help the institutions that we love and cherish that often fall short of the results we desire

The list of exhaustions goes on.  And so does the invitation to rethink.

We can rethink our lives.  We can rethink our worlds.

Exhaustion pushes us there.  “I can’t God.  But You can.”  The simplest of surrenders.

Church focuses largely on that rethinking. Big hint … “rethinking” is what the word “repentance” actually means.

So rethink with me for a minute….

Rethink a life not without all the challenges we currently face but a life where we have rethought how to face those challenges. 

That rethinking is about connection and joy and support and courage.

That type of rethinking can be found in small groups.

We simply are not made, are not created to do this journey of life alone.  We are made, we are created to do this journey together. That is why my dear friends I would urge you to join a small group at NewChurch LIVE as we launch our cornerstone fall series, “5 Things God Wants For Your Family”, on September 23rd. 

It may sound like an ask to “do one more thing” and if you are feeling exhausted that certainly lacks appeal.  But it is not really “one more thing.”  It is about a way of seeing.  A way of a connected holding of life that somehow leaves us a bit lighter, a bit more resilient, a bit more in touch with God.  In all my years, I have NEVER heard someone come out of small group saying “That was exhausting!”

We are offering groups Sundays after church and groups Monday through Thursdays in the evening for this 5 week program.  And enrolling is easy….

  1. Come to church this Sunday or on the 23rd to enroll at a signup tables in the lobby OR….
  2. Email and let her know the night that works best for you.

To close, I imagine you like me feel some exhaustion in your life.  So get some rest.  And consider what the opportunity to rethink might just be!

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