Adventures in Missing the Point… and Finding It Again

It is forever easy to miss the point.

As a Pastor, personally, missing the point happens when I value study over relationships, a packed house on Sunday over service with those who suffer, my insights over the lived word of the congregation.

Study, full Sunday services, and personal insights are wonderful things.  And they place second to relationships, service, and an honoring of the lived experience of others.

Keeping to the right metrics is challenging. Relationships, service, welcoming other voices becomes messy, lacking edges, embracing discomfort, requiring trust, opening the field as it were where God can do His work.

And with the right metrics, with that mess, comes a much better adventure!


2 Responses to “Adventures in Missing the Point… and Finding It Again”

  1. Mark A says:

    Hi Chuck
    Great thoughts.

    Love this adventure of ministry – always new things to try and more people to understand

  2. Chuck.Blair says:

    Thanks Mark! It is a wonderful adventure.

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