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What does gratitude actually DO?

Monday, November 20th, 2017

What Gratitude DOES….

As Thanksgiving approaches with all it deep feelings around gratitude, I have been thinking a great deal about two things.

First, how do we continue to speak to gratitude, to list our blessings, even the one’s that come in broken circumstances?

And second, if we can somehow attach our souls, open our souls to gratitude, how would we then live? In other words what does gratitude DO in our lives?

Imagine a Thanksgiving table…

  • Round I … what are you thankful for?
  • Round II … and what are going to do with that?

Gratitude is an emotion, true. But it is also an action. Powerful to witness those who feel that deep gratitude for the gifts life has to offer, and then in turn move that gratitude out there into the world in all kinds of life giving ways.

If I believe life is fundamentally good … even in the broken places.  If I notice the gifts … even when times appear dark.  Then maybe it is time, with a smile, and with my beloved, to ask what is it that gratitude DOES?

A thankful soul is a giving soul.

Caring vs. Outrage

Friday, November 10th, 2017

We are clearly called to care.   As Emanuel Swedenborg noted…

“All spiritual truths focus on caring as their fundamental principle and their aim. The teachings of the church are pointless unless they have caring as their goal…. Worshipping God means living a life of caring.”

And a fine point, a fine line exists between caring and outrage.

Outrage may move us to care.  But outrage is never an end in itself.

Outrage can never take the place of care and the healing actions we are called to take, actions that are the point of it all.

A long, angry tome of outrage on Facebook does little to move the world.  Love in action, however, does.


Faith separated from goodwill kills

Wednesday, November 1st, 2017

A simple formulation…

Faith separated from goodwill kills everything. Faith united to goodwill brings everything to life. (True Christianity 365)

Goodwill is magic.  Goodwill enlivens the faith that heals.

Goodwill is not merely a nice add-on but a critical driver in the spiritual journey.

“Faith separated from goodwill kills” … we saw those words made true in yesterday’s terrorist attack in New York City.

We see those words true in our own lives anytime we give into a more figurative homicidal impulse to “kill” another.

And the solution is right there… Faith united to goodwill brings everything to life.

Courage.  May faith communities embody goodwill so deeply and courageously that healing comes.