That Simple and That Hard

That Simple and That Hard
A group of dads at NewChurch LIVE gather once a month for dinner. Simple conversation. Simple connection. And a very real question at last night’s dinner, “Where are you struggling as a parent?”

Like most of what I experience as a Pastor, hard to capture in words what slowly unfolds when people gather and share. Not about work. Not about sports. But about life. About what is around our core. About what we treasure most. And about where the pain lies.

A brotherhood there in that sharing. A sisterhood I am sure if it were moms. A fellowship of co-travelers on the Journey.

Taking the time to gather and allow the unfolding connections to happen. Well, with a smile for those wanting that kind of connection, it is that simple and that hard.

Life will forever tell us there is not time. Ghosts will assuredly tell us we are indeed all alone. Self doubt will convince us we have nothing to share.

The experience of a gathering, a dinner, breaking bread, speaks a very different story.

And it is a far better story because it is shared!

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