The Challenge to Live as a Christian

The challenge to live as a Christian is not the challenge of converting others. It is not the challenge of living a morally impeccable life.  Or perfect children. Or the perfect marriage. Or growing the perfect church.

The challenge remains …. to see and act into the world differently.  Quietly.  Humbly. “Dwelling in littleness.”  With courage.

To love our friends and our enemies.  To pray for both.

To turn the other cheek.  Not in subjugation but to honor the stubborn, timeless demands of agapé love that keep us face-to-face, toe-to-toe with the other.

To go the extra mile regardless of who asks.  Sharing the load regardless of person.

To take the stands that matter.

Important we continually return to those words.  These concepts.  This way of living.  This challenge.



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