What is the new invitation in this?

This era is a challenging one.  For many the God question is dead or dying.   For many others, the God question remains squeezed to the side of more appealing options, overstuffed schedules and frenetic lives.

The God question. The God question, for me, in 2017, no longer centers on “belief.”  The question now rests on action, on lifestyle, on peace, on sacred commitments – outside of my immediate desires – sacred commitments to join together with others, connecting in fellowship and addressing the suffering of the world in whatever small, humble ways we can.

So what is the new invitation in this?

Possibly the new invitation in this – to rediscover the rhythm of our souls, aligned with God.  To see in Christ a model of how maybe a new form of following arises.  A stewardship of a new spiritual creation and a stewardship of a new physical creation … soul meets God, meets planet, meets body, meets others, meets life.

Sacrifice part of it all.  Sacrifice … “to make sacred.”

Sacrifice on the path to joy!



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  1. Paul napierkowski says:

    Just need to be thankful for my life being save. And maybe getting second chance

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