So it is True?

We live in an age where the concept of “truth” is increasingly questioned in ways unimaginable a few decades go.  We truly are entering/ have entered a “post truth” era.

There are costs when all perspectives, however far fetched, are held as legitimate simply because someone holds them.  When all sources of news, of information become somehow equally valid.  When revelation, as it were, becomes a completely privatized, relativized affair.

For me, I enjoy my opinions frankly and I know enough to know I am often wrong, and therefore desperately need sources of truth outside of those cherished opinions.

For some things there are obviously many sides, many perspectives, many competing claims of truth as we see with the beautiful multitude of faith perspectives in the world.  For other arenas, like global warming, there are no legitimate counter facts.  Global warming is a fact, a truth.  How we handle it?  That is where a multitude of informed opinions can be brought to bear.

A cleaner division between truth and opinion remains worthy of deep human consideration.

Humility before the truth remains crucial to the human soul.


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2 Responses to “So it is True?”

  1. Janet Bruser says:

    Thanks ,Chuck. A couple of thoughts- I hate how easily someone lies when the truth is so much simpler/better in interpersonal relationship. Also, it’s amazing how many people can only ‘hear’ what they already believe and simply cannot ‘hear’ anything contradictory to those beliefs. I am conservative in some areas, a liberal in others. Today, I doubt the veracity of our ‘news’ ( where is a Cronkite ? ). Disheartening , what ‘news’ I read or hear about is so much propaganda – i.e. overly biased and/or not based in fact. Am I a wrong ?

  2. Amazing to me how rabidly blind the General Church of New Jerusalem priests still seem to be to the literal understanding of the Word that was falsified first by the Jew then by the Christian. Visit the Cave of John the Baptist for a revelation. And read, Marijuana in the Bible.

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