Roseburg Oregon And The Grief Among Us

We are all struck by the tragedy in Oregon.  As that tragedy struck was informed of friends of a NCL family who experienced the catastrophic loss of a child.  So sad.  So very much beyond words.

And how do we craft words in response to those moments? Those moments that simply defy description and at the same time call simply for words that somehow grant us handles, somehow allow a grasp, however tenuous, on what breaks our hearts.

The words I know, the words I have come to know, are not words of pithy explanation that somehow make sense of what makes no sense.  They are words woven back to the nature of the faith.

That nature – and this phrase admittedly overused – go back to the very nature of the cross. To Christ’s crucifixion. Words returning to God who walked among us.  Return to God who suffered.  Suffered alone.  Suffered as we suffer.  And suffers with us.

That is compassion.  The very essence of faith.  Faith not as in a belief system that counters all doubts with glib assuredity.  But tempered faith that is able to deeply grieve and hold the sober, quiet knowledge in the midst of crushing distress that God is here too.


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One Response to “Roseburg Oregon And The Grief Among Us”

  1. Steve Tinari says:

    All powerful? All knowing? Loving? We often hear these words used when we try to describe the capabilities of our God – yet we always miss the mark. These descriptions are limited to the extent of describing power that we can never understand. We try to describe God in human terms. That is precisely where we fall short. God cannot be described in human terms. We have no idea what God is thinking or doing or what his plan is for us or anyone else. We try. We have faith. We believe. Man is capable of doing horrible things. God does not intervene. I believe this is how God maintains balance – perfect balance in our world. We see evidence of this in everything. As horrible as this act in Oregon is, I believe there is an act – or acts of good that offset this horror to balance the scales. It is not God that causes these horrible acts. It is exactly the opposite. It is the absence of God.

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