Urgency and the Perfect Storm

“Humanity has the ability to work together in builidng our common home … As Christians inspired by this certainty we wish to committ ourselves to the conscious and responsible care of our common home.” (Pope Francis)

Urgency in those words.  Hope there as well.  It is why untold millions are moved by his words.

And my hope … that his visit to the US becomes a wake up call.

Asleep, we face a perfect storm.  Actually two storms, each tracking to a collision point.

Storm one – cultural.  Storm two – church.

The cultural storm continues to increasingly value more and more entertainment over engagement, consumption over stewardship, auditing over partnering, a shallow glance at life vs. a deeply engaged work at it.  Individualism and entertainment at all costs.

Storm two is church, church as a corporate force in the US.  Many churches fall into a consumer model that asks little of congregants except to be entertained.  Other churches double down on what was.  Failing to engage.  Picking up war-like paradigms of standing for the truth no matter the cost, a “standing” far divorced from “doing.”

Place those two storms together.  And there is … nothing.  A storm of nothing.  Shallow culture.  Irrelevant churches. And a certain thing dies.

What dies is the beautiful, powerful immagination of Christianity.  The part that gave rise to countless hospitals and schools. The part that founded the Salvation Army.  The YMCA.  The YWCA.  Homeless shelters. The Catholic Worker.  St. Francis Inn.  Sunday Morning Breakfast Rescue Mission, Habitat for Humanity.

All the above flowering from imagination … “the ability to work together in builidng our common home.”

An imagination to not just talk about the church but instead the endeavor to BE the church.

My prayer … that Pope Francis rekindles that imagination.   That we all find that spark again.


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